When I first saw XXXHOLiC, I was already a big fan of CLAMP, already cursing them because they aren’t finishing X, so with curiosity of a cat, I downloaded the first chapter and there I was like petrified by the art and the characters… I still don’t know how they manage to make me love even female characters, and XXXHOLiC has the most wonderful characters ever. And XXXHOLiC has something that I seek in my manga’s, it has fantastic characters, great design and SUPERNATURAL and mystic. If you want to find a decent braineating mystic stuff, then that’s this series. Besides this XXXHOLiC is peculiar in another way, together with Tsubasa Reservoir makes a story, crossovers from one to another, and if you actually want to understand completely what’s happening, you have to read both.

I’m still sure that when the CLAMP came up with this series, definitely were on some crack. Anyway let’s get down at what I love of this series, I think I’ll make few points divided in story, characters and design.

As always we have a protagonist, that as in all CLAMP stories is a werdo, who attracts the spirits and then something leads him to a strange shop with even a stranger shop keeper. And to have his wish granted he needs to work for her, doing all the strange jobs she makes him to, and later without even realizing he begins alone to work on the jobs, offering himself. The best part of the story is the fact how people and creatures meet and then bond, and their bonds grow stronger and stronger from volume to volume. At how the story teaches you how to value everything that happens in your life, because that makes you grow, become stronger and more mature. At how relationships in your life happen because they have to happen so you can go on, because they give you something to learn, because everything that happens makes you learn, even the mistakes… I could go analyzing them like all night and writing a whole report on the fact what else this story can give you other then plenty of fun, laughing, being afraid, suspense and mystery. To wait that the new chapters appear so you can read to see what happen, and then they leave you at one evil clifage when you cry for more, because it can happen the worse or the best, you actually never can expect something from them, even if after 15 years of knowing CLAMP I can normally guess at long lines what would have happen, even if they… in this series managed to surprise the hell out of me, and also to scare me about the future of my favorite character (ok, it’s true that I have to stop loving characters, because when I adore them normally die) . Something that I love of this series is how deep are the characters that appear more then once, from Watanuki, to Yuuko, Doumeki, even Himawari and the Ame Warashi along with Zashiki Warashi. To see their force and how they are prepared to risk everything for what they believe, how they try to help each other in their own way, showing their strengths.