Looks and Personality

Mugetsu has two forms, that are both known in the series. We will start with the first form, because thatís the form with which the pipe fox has been introduced to us.

Because it lives in a pipe, that means itís body has to be the form to fit in a pipe. The small form, as I will call it, itís a snake like body, that is few inches long, so that it can fit in the pipe, and has no problem hiding in Watanukiís clothes. The body is covered with short fur, and itís eyes are small points on a head that has small ears, making it resembling somehow to a fox.

The big form, is the form of a nine tailed fox, or kyuubi. In anime the fur color is somehow yellowish, while in the colored manga images itís white, and the signs on its face are red. Itís eyes, as Watanuki says become ďvery moon-like crescentsĒ and you almost can miss them on that fox face. Itís also the form when Mugetsu is at its full power and is able to use kitsunebi (look at the mythology section), which is the fire that purifies the evil, and with it lot of time it helps and saves the main character. It takes a huge amount of pure spiritual energy to revert Mugetsuís kyuubi form to the snake-one, because of that Watanuki must accompany it to Zashiki-Warashiís mountain.

About the personality there is not much to say, if not that Mugetsu has a high obsession with Watanuki, even if itís owner is Yuuko (at least at the beginning). We could also say it has a stalkery tendencies when it comes to the one it loves. But there are things that are sure about this small/big creature and that itís loyal and loving to the bits, while it canít talk, it can always find a way to show the love and affection. In the anime it has also unhealthy obsession with deep-fried tofu, and in the big form it must not eat it too much, because if it eats it too much, the markings on its head will vanish, and it wonít be able to transform back to its snake form.