From 1993 there are just four members to the group. CLAMP started as a doujinshi circle with eleven members in the mid eighties. The first name was CLAMP Clauster, to be then shortened simply to CLAMP.
Before beginning with their own series they mostly drew Capitan Tsubasa doujinshi and Saint Seiya Yaoi doujinshi (go figures ndSaya).
Their first manga series is RG Veda, which aside being the first of their own they drew, it’s also their debut work.

Now the job is divided this way. We have Nanase (Ageha) Ohkawa, born on 2nd May, who is the boss and her job is to write stories and scripts for their works (so she is the nutcase behind all that mind blowing plots ndSaya). Then we have Tsubaki Nekoi, born on 21st January, who is the co-director and she is normally responsible for applying screen tones and correcting manga illustrations. She is the lead artist for Legal Druug, Watashi no suki no hito, Wish and Suki. Dakara Suki, while she devides the role of the lead artist with Mokona in XXXHOLiC, where she is responsible for the male characters. The already nominated Mokona was born on 16th June and is the lead artist (aside the series where there is Tsubaki), she is colorist and composition designer. And then we have the last member but an important one Setsuki Igarashi, born on 8th February, who is Ohkawa’s sounding board. She did also the character design for Chobits and is the line artist for Tsubasa Reservoir chronicle.

CLAMP WORKS till today:

RG Veda
Nijuu, Menson ni Onegai (Man of many faces)
Tokyo Babilon
Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan (Clamp School Detectives)
Gakuen Tokkei Dyukarion (Duklyon: Clamp school defenders)
Shirahime-Sho (Snow goddess tales)
X/1999 – on hold
Shin Shunka Den (Legend of Chun Hyang)
Maho Kishi Reiasu (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Fushigi no kuni no Miyuki-chan (Miyuki-chan in wonderland)
Watashi no suki no hito (the one I love)
Card Captor Sakura
Clover – on hold
Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer
Suki. Dakara Suki (Suki: a love story)
Drug&Drop (Gouhou Drug - Legal Drug) – working on
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Gate 7 – working on